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Ancient Israel in Sinai : the evidence for the authenticity of the wilderness tradition
In his pathbreaking Israel in Egypt, James K. Hoffmeier refuted the claims of scholars who questioned the historical accuracy of the biblical account of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt. Analyzing aExpand
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Israel in Egypt: The Evidence for the Authenticity of the Exodus Tradition
Scholars of the Hebrew Bible have in the last decade begun to question the historicity of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt as described in the book of Exodus, citing a lack of historical andExpand
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Observations on the Evolving Chariot Wheel in the 18th Dynasty
It is generally believed that the horse-drawn chariot was introduced into Egypt by the Hyksos, and that it originated somewhere in the area of Syria-Palestine.1 Egyptian literary references toExpand
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A New Military Site on ‘The ways of Horus’-Tell El-Borg 1999–2001: A Preliminary Report *
This is a preliminary report of the archaeological excavations at Tell el-Borg, North Sinai, from 1999-2001. Tell el-Borg is a New Kingdom military site on Egypt's frontier with Sinai and was mostExpand
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Which Way Out of Egypt? Physical Geography Related to the Exodus Itinerary
The Exodus narrative is rich with geographic references that are properly understood in the context of the ancient landscape of the eastern Nile Delta and adjacent Sinai Peninsula. Changes in theExpand
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