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Fungistatic sesquiterpenoids from Parthenium
Abstract β-Eudesmol, γ-eudesmol and partheniol were isolated from the derubberized resin of Parthenium argentatum × P. tomentosa ; a new dinorsesquiterpenoid diketone (guayulon) was also isolated.Expand
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Production of Resins by Arid-Adapted Astereae
The arid regions of the world and their native flora remain a largely unexplored frontier in the search for new plant chemicals. This search has been revived in recent years because, in addition toExpand
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Bouvardin and deoxybouvardin, antitumor cyclic hexapeptides from Bouvardia ternifolia (Rubiaceae).
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Antibacterial diterpenoid acids from Azorella compacta.
The two novel diterpenoid acids mulin-12,14-dien-11-on-20-oic acid (1) and mulin-12-ene-11,14-dion-20-oic acid (2) have been isolated from Azorella compacta. Their structures have been elucidated byExpand
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Inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth by saringosterol from Lessonia nigrescens.
Assay-guided fractionation of an antitubercular extract obtained from Lessonia nigrescens yielded the phytosterol saringosterol as its active component. No appreciable toxicity against Vero cells wasExpand
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Antifungal eudesmanoids from Parthenium argentatum x P. tomentosa
Abstract Investigation of guayule resin for antifungal activity has led to the isolation and characterization of six eudesmane-type sesquiterpenoids, five of which are new:Expand
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