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Fibrous tumours in children: imaging features of a heterogeneous group of disorders
Background. Fibrous tumours are predominantly soft tissue lesions which are relatively frequent in childhood but are little known. Imaging is often used in the evaluation of these tumours but theirExpand
The vascular "ring" sign in mesoblastic nephroma: report of two cases
Abstract. Mesoblastic nephroma (Bolande's tumour) is a rare renal tumour, but, overall, is the most frequent benign renal tumour in childhood and the most frequent renal tumour during the first yearExpand
About one case of vertebral chondroblastoma
The authors report the case of a 9-year-old child which suffered from a chondroblastoma of the cervical spine. He had clinical signs of superior mediastinum compression with inflammation of theExpand
Types and complications of femoral neck fractures in children
This multicenter collaborative study was undertaken to review the types and complications of femoral neck fractures in children. It is a retrospective clinical and radiological review of 108 femoralExpand
Multiple bronchogenic cysts of the esophagus.
Esophageal location of bronchogenic cysts is rare especially if two cysts are present. We report such a case in a girl 17 years old who had several intramural esophageal smooth defects which lookedExpand
[Echographic aspects of cerebral sulci in the ante- and perinatal period].
70 fetuses (10 to 37 weeks) and 30 full term infants were examined by ultrasound (U.S.). Anatomic correlations were made with frontal, axial and sagittal sections of 43 fetal and 3 neonatal brains.Expand
Fetus in fetu: three-dimensional imaging using multidetector CT.
So-called benign fibrous histiocytoma: report of a case.
Abstract This is a report of a case of benign fibrous histiocytoma involving the spine of a 13-year-old boy.
Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica of the ulna.
Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica is a developmental disorder of childhood in which there is a symmetrical cartilaginous overgrowth of one or more epiphyses or of a tarsal or carpal bone. TheExpand