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Mechanical testing of advanced fibre composites
General principles and perspectives Specimen preparation Tension Compression Shear Flexure Through-thickness testing Interlaminar fracture toughness Impact and damage tolerance Fatigue EnvironmentalExpand
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A progressive failure model for composite laminates subjected to low velocity impact damage
This paper presents a 3-D failure model for predicting the dynamic material response of composite laminates under impact loading. The formulation is based on the Continuum Damage Mechanics (CDM)Expand
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A 3-D micromechanical model for predicting the elastic behaviour of woven laminates
Abstract This paper presents an analytical model for the prediction of the elastic behaviour of plain-weave fabric composites. The fabric is a hybrid plain-weave with different materials andExpand
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Non-destructive inspection of sandwich and repaired composite laminated structures
Abstract A cost and time effective inspection strategy for in-service health monitoring of composites is demonstrated using the fundamental anti-symmetric A0 Lamb mode at frequencies of 15–20 kHz. InExpand
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Piezoelectric transducer arrangement for the inspection of large composite structures
Abstract The aim of the present work is to develop a system of smart devices that could be permanently attached on the surface of the composite structure and monitor the interaction of low-frequencyExpand
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Lamb waves for the non-destructive inspection of monolithic and sandwich composite beams
The aim of the current study is to develop a cost and time effective inspection strategy for in-service health monitoring of composite structures. An experimental study is presented, thatExpand
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Bio-based macroporous polymer nanocomposites made by mechanical frothing of acrylated epoxidised soybean oil
Mechanical frothing is one of the most commonly used methods to create gas-liquid foams. Until recently, the polymerisation of mechanically frothed gas-liquid foams was limited to the synthesis ofExpand
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Engineering and characterisation of the interface in flax fibre/polypropylene composite materials. Part II. The effect of surface treatments on the interface
Abstract Natural fibres have attracted much attention recently for use as reinforcing agents in composite materials. However, even though natural fibres possess many advantages over glass fibres,Expand
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Intralaminar toughness characterisation of unbalanced hybrid plain weave laminates
A numerical and experimental investigation on the mode-I intralaminar toughness of a hybrid plain weave composite laminate manufactured using resin infusion under flexible tooling (RIFT) process isExpand
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