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Use of Primitive Variables in the Solution of Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
Krupp, J.A., "The Numerical Calculation of Plane Steady Transonic Flows Past Thin Lifting Airfoils," Boeing Scientific Research Lab. Rept. D180-12958-1, June 1971. Sirovich, L. and Huo, C., "SimpleExpand
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Unsteady heat transfer coefficient estimation for long duration
Measurement of convective heat rate is difficult in ground and flight tests due to thermal and chemical mismatches between gages and surface materials. Coaxial thermocouple gages, which can beExpand
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Noniterative parabolic grid generation for parabolized equations
Generation de grilles curvilignes generalisees tridimensionnelles pour des corps cartesien, cylindriques et spheriques a l'aide d'equations aux derivees partielles paraboliques. Les equations deExpand
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Trends in shuttle entry heating from the correction of flight test maneuvers
A new technique was developed to systematically expand the aerothermodynamic envelope of the Space Shuttle Protection System (TPS). The technique required transient flight test maneuvers which wereExpand
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Experimental Survey and Heat Flux Prediction for Thermal/Chemical Mismatches.
Abstract : Material interfaces are common in heat flux instrumentation and in modern thermal protection systems. Interfaces cause mismatches which can significantly affect convective heat flux. AExpand