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The occurrence of brown adipose tissue in outdoor workers
The present results suggest that working in the cold can retain brown adipose tissue in “strategic” places in human adults.
Endocrine effects of repeated sauna bathing.
The release of prolactin in females was also high and may be associated with the transient amenorrhoea that occurred in five out of seven subjects after the experiment, and the increased release of Prolactin and perhaps that of GH may be related to the heat-exposure-induced dehydration.
Plasma catecholamines, serotonin and their metabolites and beta-endorphin of winter swimmers during one winter. Possible correlations to psychological traits
Blood pressure and plasma catecholamine levels decreased during winter swimming practice over one winter, but these changes were also observed in the control persons, and serotonin was lower in the spring in both groups.
Catecholamines in the vitreous fluid and urine of guinea pigs dying of cold and the effect of postmortem freezing and autolysis.
Elevated concentrations of catecholamines in the vitreous fluid and urine in guinea pigs dying of cold can be used as a diagnostic aid for hypothermia death and the increase as a result of autolysis must be taken in account when interpreting the results.
The Role of Cerebral Microdialysis in Predicting the Outcome after Experimental Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
Cerebral microdialysis is a useful tool for cerebral monitoring during experimental HCA, and low brain glucose concentrations and high brain lactate/glucose ratios after HCA are strong predictors of postoperative death.
Catecholamines and free fatty acids in plasma of patients undergoing cardiac operations with hypothermia and bypass.
There is a more marked release of adrenaline and it may be a more specific hormone in response to hypothermia and bypass than is noradrenaline in man.
Increased urinary concentration of catecholamines in hypothermia deaths.
It is suggested that urine catecholamine measurements can give useful information for the diagnosis of acute hypothermia, as Adrenaline was more abundant than noradrenaline.