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Surface resistance measurements of HTS films by means of sapphire dielectric resonators
A sapphire dielectric resonator with a copper cylindrical shield and two endplates replaced by high-temperature superconducting (HTS) layers was used for very accurate surface resistance measurementsExpand
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Microwave‐induced constant‐voltage steps at one volt from a series array of Josephson junctions
It is demonstrated that a series array of 1474 Josephson junctions can produce quantized voltages up to 1.2 V when driven by microwaves at 90 GHz in the absence of a dc bias. This result bringsExpand
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Synthesis of Optimum Finline Tapers Using Dispersion Formulas for Arbitrary Slot Widths and Locations
The theory of TEM matching sections has been modified so that it can be applied to finline tapers. A step-by-step procedure is given to calculate the taper contour for a given maximum VSWR. The taperExpand
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Conducting Spheres in Rectangular Waveguides
A conducting sphere on the center of the broad wall of a rectangular waveguide causes frequency independent reflections for a wide range of frequencies. This empirically found behavior is confirmedExpand
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Dielectric properties of single crystals of Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/, LaAlO/sub 3/, NdGaO/sub 3/, SrTiO/sub 3/, and MgO at cryogenic temperatures
A dielectric resonator technique has been used for measurements of the permittivity and dielectric loss tangent of single-crystal dielectric substrates in the temperature range 20-300 K at microwaveExpand
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Detection and Characterization of Magnetic Anomalies in Gas Turbine Disks
During manufacturing of rotor disks made from titaniumor nickel-base alloys events rarely may happen that lead to local mechanical or thermal overload of tool or workpiece material. These events canExpand
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Stable Josephson reference voltages between 0. 1 and 1. 3 V for high-precision voltage standards
A new series array of 1440 Josephson tunnel junctions has been developed and tested as a reference voltage standard. It yields microwave induced quantized voltage steps up to 1.3 V. The steps areExpand
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Standard method for detection of magnetic defects in aircraft engine discs using a HTS SQUID gradiometer
We have developed a new high sensitive magnetic method for non-destructive testing (NDT) of small ferrous inclusions in aircraft engine discs. The measuring method is based on a second orderExpand
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A planar YBa2Cu3O7 gradiometer at 77 K
Abstract We describe the fabrication and performance of a single-layer YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) d.c. SQUID in a first-order gradiometer configuration. The junctions are of the step-edge type. The edgeExpand
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Microwave-Induced Constant Voltage Steps at Series Arrays of Josephson Tunnel Junctions with Near-Zero Current Bias
Microwave-induced, constant-voltage steps in the current-voltage characteristics of Josephson tunnel junctions are used as a reference voltage in cryogenic voltage standards. This relatively lowExpand
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