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The Mammals of the Indomalayan Region: A Systematic Review
Introduction Bandicoots Diprotodont marsupials Pangolins Insectivores Tree shrews Flying lemurs Bats Primates Carnivores Cetaceans Sea cows Elephants Odd-toed ungulates Even-toed ungulates RodentsExpand
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A world list of mammalian species
Introduction Monotremes Marsupials Edentates Insectivores Tree shrews Flying lemurs Bats Primates Carnivores Seals, sealions, etc. Whales, dolphins Sea cows Elephants Odd-toed ungulates HyraxesExpand
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Bats: A Natural History
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Bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera) from Indo-Australia
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A waterborne Salmonella typhimurium outbreak in Gideon, Missouri: Results from a field investigation
A waterborne disease outbreak associated with Salmonella typhimurium was identified in Gideon, Missouri (population 1104), a town in southeastern Missouri (USA) in December, 1993. It was estimated byExpand
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Bat Mammalia:(Chiroptera) records, early collectors, and faunal lists for Northern Central America
Forty-one species of bats from northern Central America are discussed in relation to their known distribution, some because of re-examition of historic records relating to them. These species includeExpand
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A review of the Rhinopomatidae (Mammalia, Chiroptera)
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A record of Rhinolophus arcuatus (Peters, 1871) (Chiroptera : Rhinolophidae) from Sulawesi
The Rhinolophus arcuatus group was characterized and reviewed by Andersen (1905) : its species and subspecies were listed by Tate & Archbold (1939) and the group was again examined, with a key, byExpand
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Modelling the dynamic ventilatory response to hypoxia in normal subjects.
We have developed a mathematical model to describe the dynamic ventilatory response to hypoxia. The ventilatory response to both transient (two to three breaths nitrogen) and 3 min step changeExpand
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An analysis of skeletal size variation in Mystacina robusta Dwyer, 1962 (Chiroptera: Mystacinidae)
Abstract Size variation within the presumably extinct greater short‐tailed bat Mystacina robusta is described from a variety of teeth and longbone measurements. Data from recent specimens collectedExpand
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