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Anthropogenic and natural sources of ambient noise in the ocean
Ocean ambient noise results from both anthropogenic and natural sources. Different noise sources are dominant in each of 3 frequency bands: low (10 to 500 Hz), medium (500 Hz to 25 kHz) and high (>25Expand
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Blue and fin whale call source levels and propagation range in the Southern Ocean.
Blue (Balaenoptera musculus) and fin whales (B. physalus) produce high-intensity, low-frequency calls, which probably function for communication during mating and feeding. The source levels of blueExpand
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Biogeographic characterization of blue whale song worldwide: Using song to identify populations
Blue whale songs provide a measure for characterising worldwide blue whale population structure. These songs are divided into nine regional types, which maintain a stable character. Five of the nineExpand
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Seasonality of blue and fin whale calls and the influence of sea ice in the Western Antarctic Peninsula
The calling seasonality of blue (Balaenoptera musculus) and fin (B. physalus) whales was assessed using acoustic data recorded on seven autonomous acoustic recording packages (ARPs) deployed fromExpand
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Underwater radiated noise from modern commercial ships.
Underwater radiated noise measurements for seven types of modern commercial ships during normal operating conditions are presented. Calibrated acoustic data (<1000 Hz) from an autonomousExpand
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Kinematics of foraging dives and lunge-feeding in fin whales
SUMMARY Fin whales are among the largest predators on earth, yet little is known about their foraging behavior at depth. These whales obtain their prey by lunge-feeding, an extraordinaryExpand
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A Complex Pattern of Mantle Flow in the Lau Backarc
Shear-wave splitting analysis of local events recorded on land and on the ocean floor in the Tonga arc and Lau backarc indicate a complex pattern of azimuthal anisotropy that cannot be explained byExpand
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Increases in deep ocean ambient noise in the Northeast Pacific west of San Nicolas Island, California.
Recent measurement at a previously studied location illustrates the magnitude of increases in ocean ambient noise in the Northeast Pacific over the past four decades. Continuous measurements west ofExpand
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Behavioral context of call production by eastern North Pacific blue whales
We assessed the behavioral context of calls produced by blue whales Balaenoptera mus- culus off the California coast based on acoustic, behavioral, and dive data obtained through acoustic recordingExpand
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Blue and fin whales observed on a seafloor array in the northeast pacific.
Calling blue and fin whales have been tracked using relative travel times and amplitudes from both direct and multipath arrivals to a seafloor array of seismometers. Calls of three fin whalesExpand
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