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Selecting Best Practices for Effort Estimation
Effort estimation often requires generalizing from a small number of historical projects. Generalization from such limited experience is an inherently underconstrained problem. Hence, the learnedExpand
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Stable rankings for different effort models
There exists a large and growing number of proposed estimation methods but little conclusive evidence ranking one method over another. Prior effort estimation studies suffered from “conclusionExpand
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Negative results for software effort estimation
More than half the literature on software effort estimation (SEE) focuses on comparisons of new estimation methods. Surprisingly, there are no studies comparing state of the art latest methods withExpand
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Politics in Latin America
This article develops and tests a model of the socioeconomic origins of political change and development by means of an in-depth analysis of the contemporary political history of fifteen LatinExpand
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Size doesn't matter?: on the value of software size features for effort estimation
Background: Size features such as lines of code and function points are deemed essential for effort estimation. No one questions under what conditions size features are actually a "must". Aim: ToExpand
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Specialization and extrapolation of software cost models
Despite the widespread availability of software effort estimation models (e.g. COCOMO [2], Price-S [12], SEER-SEM [13], SLIM [14]), most managers still estimate new projects by extrapolating from oldExpand
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Simple software cost analysis: safe or unsafe?
Delta estimation uses changes to old projects to estimate new projects. Delta estimation assumes that new costs can be extrapolated from old projects. In this study, we show that in certainExpand
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How to avoid drastic software process change (using stochastic stability)
Before performing drastic changes to a project, it is worthwhile to thoroughly explore the available options within the current structure of a project. An alternative to drastic change are internalExpand
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Actionable Analytics for Software Engineering
Although intensive research on software analytics has been going on for nearly a decade, a repeated complaint in software analytics is that industrial practitioners find it hard to apply the resultsExpand
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