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Ethnic Diversity and the Nation State: National Cultural Autonomy Revisited
1. Introduction: Nation, State and Minority in Modern Europe 2. Voices in the Wilderness 3. The Baltic Arena 4. The Practice of Autonomy 5. Nationalities in Congress 6. The New Nationalist Wave 7.Expand
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The Hitler State: The Foundation and Development of the Internal Structure of the Third Reich
Interpretative study of the Hitler state now available in English. An important contribution to the study of totalitarian states.
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Explaining Hitler's Germany: Historians and the Third Reich
The personality of Adolf Hitler ideology and the nationalization of the masses centralized or polycentric dictatorship? Hitler's "social revolution"? foreign policy - ideology in action? theExpand
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The Baltic Nations and Europe: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the Twentieth Century
Part 1 Awakening: against the odds war, revolution and independence. Part 2 States of Europe 1918-1940: building new states the diplomacy of survival the economics of survival lives of the hunted.Expand
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Looking beyond the Nation State: A Baltic Vision for National Minorities between the Wars
The end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union have again brought minorities in Central and Eastern Europe to the forefront of international attention and have generated renewedExpand
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Defender of Minorities: Paul Schiemann 1876-1944
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The Baltic States and Weimar Ostpolitik
Introduction Part I. The Politics of Peacemaking 1919-20: 1. German-Russian perspectives 2. The Baltic German as Auslandsdeutsche Part II. Trade and Foreign Policy 1920-3: 3. The springboard conceptExpand
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