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Teacher Efficacy in Classroom Management and Discipline
A scale for measuring teacher efficacy in classroom management and discipline is presented, along with results from a factor analysis of intercorrelations of items from the scale and items from twoExpand
Dyadic Agreement Concerning the Consultation Process and Its Relationship to Outcome
This article reports the first study from the School Consultation Research Project, a cooperative group of school psychologists from four universities interested in exploring relationships amongExpand
Family Consultation in Schools in Special Services
Utilization of family consultation in schools in support of worthwhile delivery of special services is described and a model of family-school consultation is delineated. Expand
Treatment of neoplastic pleural effusions with local instillations of quinacrine (mepacrine) hydrochloride.
It is concluded that quinacrine is at least as effective as other forms of treatment of neoplastic pleural effusion and merits more attention. Expand
A Survey of Tests Used for Adult Assessment
A survey of test usage for adult assessment was responded to by 402 professionals. Based on the responses of 313 individuals who assess adults, the following instruments were the most popular in eachExpand
Thoracic actinomycosis presenting with peripheral skin lesions.
A male 30-year-old computer programmer presented to his general practitioner in April with dyspnoea on climbing one flight of stairs, night sweats, non-productive cough, and a loss of 6 35 kg over a three-month period, and was admitted to hospital for further investigation. Expand
Are Race Differences in Mental Test Scores an Artifact of Psychometric Methods? a Test of Harrington's Experimental Model
This study examines Harrington's hypothesis that blacks obtain lower mean scores on mental tests as a result of their small representation in the test development population. Two new intelligenceExpand
Neuropsychological and behavioral sequelae of amitriptyline overdose in infancy
Abstract This study reports on the neuropsychological and behavioral problems of a 3 1 2 year-old boy who was poisoned by his Nanny with a massive dose of amitriptyline hydrochloride subsequent to aExpand
Teachers' perceptions of control over presenting problems and resulting preferences for consultation versus referral services
Abstract The impact of modifying teacher's perceptions of control over a presenting problem and their resulting preference for consultation versus referral services was investigated. The subjectsExpand