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Cue Taking and the Distribution of Japanese ODA among African Countries
: In the absence of important security interests or large trade volumes, are Japan's distributions of ODA in Africa motivated by the desire to increase its international prestige or to facilitateExpand
The New Territorial Imperative
Events during the first decade of the new millennium have contradicted scholarly predictions made in the 1990s about the declining relevance of the sovereign territorial state in internationalExpand
Soldiers as Saviors of the State: The Cases of Turkey and Pakistan Contrasted
INTRODUCTION Whether Muslim countries, especially those with praetorian regimes (1) in which the military plays a significant role in political affairs, could and would democratize is a question thatExpand
The Candidacy and Election of Women in Japanese SNTV Electoral Systems
ABSTRACT Women are urtderrepresented among candidates and elected officials at all levels of government in Japan. This analysis examines the relative effects of electoral system, district magnitude,Expand
Immigrant women's Identity and Integration: Liverpool, "The World in One City"
This article is based on the original research that studied immigrant women who have been living in Liverpool since 2001. It deals with issues concerning the identity of immigrant women. One of theExpand
News from the End of the Earth: A Portrait of Chile
Sketch of a landscape with figures colony and nation (1540-1875) a model republic (1875-1920) post-war challenges (1920-58) the swing of the pendulum (1958-70) revolution and reaction (1970-3)Expand
Is electoral violence effective? Evidence from Sri Lanka's 2005 presidential election
This research note reports empirical findings from a study of the effectiveness of electoral violence and intimidation in Sri Lanka's 2005 presidential election. Using the previous 1999 presidentialExpand
Cults and sects and doomsday groups, OH MY: Media treatment of religion on the eve of the millennium
Recognition that religion is now more newsworthy than at any time in postwar American history has increased both the salience and amount of news coverage devoted to it in major news organizations.Expand