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A Study of Retinal Venous Blood Oxygen Saturation in Human Subjects by Photographic Means
OUR UNDERSTANDING of events in the normal and diseased optic fundus would be aided if it were possible to measure the retinal oxygen tension. The retina has a high rate of oxygen consumption. ItsExpand
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Normal and Impaired Retinal Vascular Reactivity
Normal retinal arteries and veins will constrict when the arterial blood oxygen tension is increased and dilate when it is lowered. A technic, employing fundus photography, is described for measuringExpand
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Studies of the Retinal Circulation in Man: Observations on Vessel Diameter, Arteriovenous Oxygen Difference, and Mean Circulation Time
By photographic techniques measurements have been made in the human retina of vessel size, arteriovenous oxygen difference across the retina, and mean retinal circulation time. By combination ofExpand
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Aphotographic method for measuring the mean retinal circulation time using fluorescein.
A method is described for measuring mean retinal circulation time in man from serial fundus photographs after injecting fluorescein into a peripheral vein. From densitometric measurements on theExpand
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Studies of retinal circulation and A-V oxygen difference in man.
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The alveolar-arterial oxygen pressure gradient in anemia.
In anemia the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is reduced but it is generally believed that the resting arterial oxygen saturation is normal (1-5). Because of the characteristics of theExpand
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Reflex Venomotor Activity in Normal Persons and in Patients with Postural Hypotension
Reflex venomotor activity has been observed and measured in normal subjects by means of the pressures developed within isolated segments of superficial veins. Strong contractions are caused by theExpand
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Pulmonary and circulatory effects of acute pulmonary vascular engorgement in normal subjects.
subjects studied during submersion were females, in the same age group. The subjects were indoctrinated by several dummy runs before measurements were made to minimize the effects of anxiety. G Suit.Expand
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The Effect of Hypocapnia on Arterial Blood Pressure
In man, hypocapnia induced by hyperventilation causes a drop in arterial pressure. The calculated peripheral resistance is decreased, indicating a net vasodilatation. The forearm blood flow isExpand
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Circulatory Changes Produced by the Valsalva Maneuver in Normal Subjects, Patients with Mitral Stenosis, and Autonomic Nervous System Alterations
The cardiac output has been measured during the immediate post-Valsalva maneuver recovery period in normal subjects, patients with clinically significant mitral stenosis, and patients withExpand
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