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Tissue Engineering of a Differentiated Cardiac Muscle Construct
It is demonstrated that cardiac myocytes from neonatal rats, when mixed with collagen I and matrix factors, cast in circular molds, and subjected to phasic mechanical stretch, reconstitute ring-shaped EHTs that display important hallmarks of differentiated myocardium. Expand
Role of IKur in Controlling Action Potential Shape and Contractility in the Human Atrium: Influence of Chronic Atrial Fibrillation
Whether inhibition of IKur prolongs or shortens APD depends on the disease status of the atria and is determined by the level of electrical remodeling. Expand
Electrophysiological properties of human mesenchymal stem cells
It is concluded that undifferentiated hMSC express a distinct pattern of ion channel mRNA and functional ion channels that might contribute to physiological cell function. Expand
Increased expression of Wnt5a in psoriatic plaques.
It is concluded that Wnt5a and other Wnt pathway genes are differentially expressed in psoriatic plaques and their functional contribution to the pathophysiology of psoriasis needs to be elaborated. Expand
Integration of genetic risk factors into a clinical algorithm for multiple sclerosis susceptibility: a weighted genetic risk score
The inclusion of 16 susceptibility alleles into a weighted genetic risk score (wGRS) can modestly predict MS risk, shows consistent discriminatory ability in independent samples, and is enhanced by the inclusion of non-genetic risk factors into the algorithm. Expand
Epinephrine activates both Gs and Gi pathways, but norepinephrine activates only the Gs pathway through human beta2-adrenoceptors overexpressed in mouse heart.
Using TG4 hearts, it is demonstrated that epinephrine behaves like isoproterenol, but norepinephrine does not, and inotropic results were simulated with a model of two beta(2)-adrenoceptor sites. Expand
Isolation and characterisation of five neurotoxic and cardiotoxic polypeptides from the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima.
Five toxins (APE 1 to APE 5) of the sea anemone species Anthopleura elegantissima (Brandt) have been isolated from a toxic by-product fraction of its concentrated crude watery-methanolic extract,Expand
Mode of antinociceptive and toxic action of alkaloids of Aconitum spec.
The alkaloids’ arrhythmogenic potential was investigated in guinea-pig isolated atria and the antinociceptive action on formalin-induced hyperalgesia and the acute toxic action estimated in mice, and two different antinOCiceptive-like modes of action are suggested. Expand
T-Type and tetrodotoxin-sensitive Ca(2+) currents coexist in guinea pig ventricular myocytes and are both blocked by mibefradil.
It is concluded that under Na(+)-free conditions I( Ca(T)) and I(Ca(TTX)) coexist in guinea pig ventricular myocytes and that both currents are sensitive to mibefradil. Expand
Specific beta(2)AR blocker ICI 118,551 actively decreases contraction through a G(i)-coupled form of the beta(2)AR in myocytes from failing human heart.
It is hypothesized that ICI 118,551 binding directs the beta(2)AR to a G(i)-coupled form and away from the G(s)-c Coupled form (ligand-directed trafficking), producing a direct negative inotropic effect. Expand