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Contrasting origin of post-collisional high-K calc-alkaline and shoshonitic versus alkaline and peralkaline granitoids. The use of sliding normalization
Abundant high-K calc-alkaline (HKCA) magmatism appears to be post-collisional and often shifts to shoshonitic or alkaline–peralkaline compositions in the final stages of orogeny. The nature and theExpand
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Potassic Magmatism in Western Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, SE Tibet, China: Petrological and Geochemical Constraints on Petrogenesis
Potassic volcanism in the western Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, SE Tibet, forms part of an extensive magmatic province in the eastern Indo-Asian collision zone during the Paleogene (40–24Ma). TheExpand
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Trace elements in ocean ridge basalt glasses - Implications for fractionations during mantle evolution and petrogenesis
Seven well-documented and fresh glassy selvages from ocean floor basalt pillows were analyzed by radiochemical neutron activation analysis for Ag, Au, Bi, Br, Cd, Cs, Ge, In, Ir, Ni, Os, Pd, Rb, Re,Expand
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Sr and O isotope constraints on source and crustal contamination in the high-K calc-alkaline and shoshonitic neogene volcanic rocks of SE Spain
The Neogene volcanic province of SE Spain NVPS is characterized by calc-alkaline CA , high-K calc-alkaline KCA , . . . shoshonitic SH , ultrapotassic UP , and alkaline basaltic AB volcanic series.Expand
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Meteoritic material at five large impact craters
Sixteen crater samples were analyzed by radiochemical neutron activation analysis for Ge, Ir, Ni, Os, Pd and Re. Two impact melt rock samples from Clearwater East (22 km) showed strong, uniformExpand
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Isotopic and trace element composition of volcanic glasses from the Akaki Canyon, Cyprus: implications for the origin of the Troodos ophiolite
Abstract We report major elements, K, Rb, Cs, Sr, Ba, Sc, Cr, Ni, Hf, Ta, Th, and REE concentrations and isotopic compositions of Sr, Nd, Pb and O of carefully handpicked volcanic glasses from theExpand
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Rare earth element geochemistry and strontium isotopic composition of a massif-type anorthositic-charnockitic body: the Hidra Massif (Rogaland, SW Norway)
Abstract The Hidra Massif (Rogaland Complex, SW Norway) mainly consists of plagioclase cumulates (anorthosites and leuconorites), which grade progressively into a fine-grained (200 μm). locallyExpand
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Geochemistry of the Quaternary alkali basalts of Garrotxa (NE Volcanic Province, Spain): a case of double enrichment of the mantle lithosphere
Abstract The area of Garrotxa (also known as the Olot area) represents the most recent (700,000–11,500 y) and better preserved area of magmatic activity in the NE Volcanic Province of Spain (NEVP).Expand
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U-series, SrNdPb isotope and trace-element systematics across an active island arc-continent collision zone: Implications for element transfer at the slab-wedge interface
We present U-series, SrNdz.sbnd;Pb isotope and trace-element results of a regional study of geochemical systematics across an island arc-continent collision zone in the East Sunda Arc of Indonesia.Expand
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