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Aspergillus‐Antigen‐Nachweis: Vergleich eines neuen Sandwich‐ELISA mit dem Latex‐Agglutinationstest bei Patienten mit histologisch gesicherter invasiver Aspergillose
Zusammenfassung. Ein neuer Sandwich‐Antigen‐ELISA zum Nachweis von Aspergillus‐Galactomannan im Blutplasma wurde mit dem Latex‐Agglutinations‐Test anhand von sechs Patienten mit histologischExpand
Erfahrungen mit der Blom-Singer-Prothese
SummaryPatients having not or having not sufficiently learnt the oesophageal voice may perhaps speak again by a small surgical intervention. Necessary diagnostical steps for the indication ofExpand
Die Glottoplastik
SummaryIn dependence of the resection limits it is possible to give a systemical classification of plastic reconstructions after laryngectomy. Basing on this fact a new method of operation developedExpand
Die Blom-Singer-Punktion
SummaryIn laryngectomised patients having not sufficiently learnt the oesophageal voice there is the possibility for restoring of the voice — under certain circumstances — by implantation of theExpand
Die Glottoplastik mit einer Ventil-Prothese
SummaryBasic ideas of the Blom-Singer-punction and the functional laryngectomy by Staffieri or Amatsu were used to develop a new method of operation.This method allows the reconstruction of theExpand