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Methane emissions inventory verification in southern California
Abstract Methane (CH4) and carbon monoxide (CO) mixing ratios were measured at an air quality monitoring station near the Mt. Wilson (MW) Observatory in southern California starting in the spring ofExpand
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Effect of advanced aftertreatment for PM and NOx reduction on heavy-duty diesel engine ultrafine particle emissions.
Four heavy-duty and medium-duty diesel vehicles were tested in six different aftertreament configurations using a chassis dynamometer to characterize the occurrence of nucleation (the conversion ofExpand
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Dominant Mechanisms that Shape the Airborne Particle Size and Composition Distribution in Central California
The size and composition of ambient airborne particulate matter is reported for winter conditions at five locations in (or near) the San Joaquin Valley in central California. Two distinct types ofExpand
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Measuring the trace elemental composition of size-resolved airborne particles.
A new method to measure the trace elemental composition of size-resolved airborne particles that uses acetone extraction followed by ICPMS analysis is compared to three other established methods:Expand
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Physical properties of particulate matter (PM) from late model heavy-duty diesel vehicles operating with advanced PM and NOx emission control technologies
Abstract Emission control technologies designed to meet the 2007 and 2010 emission standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles (HDDV) remove effectively the non-volatile fraction of particles, but areExpand
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Copyright 2005 Air & Waste Management Association Size and Composition Distribution of Airborne Particulate Matter in Northern California: I—Particulate Mass, Carbon, and Water-Soluble Ions
Abstract The San Joaquin Valley (SJV) in California has one of the most severe particulate air quality problems in the United States during the winter season. In the current study, measurements ofExpand
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Effect of advanced aftertreatment for PM and NO(x) control on heavy-duty diesel truck emissions.
Emissions from four heavy-duty and medium-duty diesel vehicles were tested in six different aftertreatment configurations using a chassis dynamometer. The aftertreatment included four differentExpand
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Impact of roadside noise barriers on particle size distributions and pollutants concentrations near freeways
Abstract Increasing epidemiological evidence has established an association between a host of adverse health effects and exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) and co-pollutants, especiallyExpand
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Metals emitted from heavy-duty diesel vehicles equipped with advanced PM and NOX emission controls
Abstract Emission factors for elemental metals were determined from several heavy-duty diesel vehicles (HDDV) of 1998–2007 vintage, operating with advanced PM and/or NOX emissions control retrofitsExpand
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Detection of alkaline ultrafine atmospheric particles at Bakersfield, California.
Two collected micro-orifice uniform deposit impactors (MOUDIs) and a filter-based sampler were used to measure the size distribution and chemical composition of atmospheric particulate matter atExpand
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