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Bacteriophage-Based Vaccines: A Potent Approach for Antigen Delivery
Vaccines are considered one of the most important bioproducts in medicine. Since the development of the smallpox vaccine in 1796, several types of vaccines for many diseases have been created.Expand
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Identification of Arenin, a Novel Kunitz-Like Polypeptide from the Skin Secretions of Dryophytes arenicolor
Amphibian skin secretions are enriched with complex cocktails of bioactive molecules such as proteins, peptides, biogenic amines, alkaloids guanidine derivatives, steroids and other minor componentsExpand
DESCRIPCIÓN DE SEIS NUEVAS LÍNEAS DE GARBANZOS (Cicer arietinum L.) EN FINCAS DE PRODUCTORES Description of six new chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) lines in farmers fields
El presente estudio fue realizado en areas de la CCSF "Jose Castellanos" del municipio Santa Cruz del Norte, provincia Mayabeque, con el proposito de identificar las principales caracteristicasExpand
Rituximab-associated interstitial lung disease in fibrillary glomerulonephritis
Rituximab (RTX) is a chimeric monoclonal antibody against CD20+ B cells increasingly used to treat kidney disorders. RTX-induced pulmonary disease has been reported in patients treated forExpand