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Iolite: Freeware for the visualisation and processing of mass spectrometric data
Iolite is a non-commercial software package developed to aid in the processing of inorganic mass spectrometric data, with a strong emphasis on visualisation versus time of acquisition. The goal ofExpand
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A Preliminary Appraisal of Seven Natural Zircon Reference Materials for In Situ Hf Isotope Determination
There is a growing need for new zircon reference materials for in situ Hf-isotope analysis by laser ablation-multicollector inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-MC-ICP-MS). In thisExpand
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Zircon Hf-isotope analysis with an excimer laser, depth profiling, ablation of complex geometries, and concomitant age estimation
This study examines the levels of precision and accuracy obtainable by laser ablation Hf-isotope analysis of zircons in real-world situations using a 193-nm ArF excimer laser coupled to a Nu PlasmaExpand
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Improved laser ablation U‐Pb zircon geochronology through robust downhole fractionation correction
[1] Elemental fractionation effects during analysis are the most significant impediment to obtaining precise and accurate U-Pb ages by laser ablation ICPMS. Several methods have been proposed toExpand
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Magmatic and Crustal Differentiation History of Granitic Rocks from Hf-O Isotopes in Zircon
Granitic plutonism is the principal agent of crustal differentiation, but linking granite emplacement to crust formation requires knowledge of the magmatic evolution, which is notoriously difficultExpand
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Mantle and Slab Contributions in ARC Magmas
Destructive plate margins are major sites of terrestrial magmatism that have long had a key role in models for the generation of continental crust and the development of chemical heterogeneities inExpand
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Hafnium isotope evidence for ‘conservative’ element mobility during subduction zone processes
The high field strength elements (HFSE) play a critical role in the interpretation of chemical variation within subduction-related magmas by providing an assumed mantle-dominated ‘baseline’ fromExpand
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238U230Th disequilibria, magma petrogenesis, and flux rates beneath the depleted Tonga-Kermadec island arc
The highly depleted intra-oceanic Tonga-Kermadec island arc forms an endmember of arc systems and a unique location in which to isolate the effects of the slab flux. High precision TIMS uranium,Expand
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A simple method for the precise determination of ≥ 40 trace elements in geological samples by ICPMS using enriched isotope internal standardisation
The combination of enriched isotopes and conventional elemental internal standards permits the precise determination of > 40 trace elements by ICPMS in a broad spectrum of geological matrixes.Expand
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The petrogenesis of Mesozoic Gondwana low-Ti flood basalts
New major, trace element and isotopic data for Jurassic basalts from SE Australia indicate that they are strikingly similar to the Jurassic tholeiitic rocks of Tasmania and the TransantarcticExpand
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