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Introduction to Critical Theory
Introduction to Critical Theory provides an excellent exposition of the Frankfurt School's critical theory. It also offers an overview of American and European debates of the last decade concerningExpand
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Reactionary Modernism: Technology, Culture, and Politics in Weimar and the Third Reich
Preface 1. The paradox of reactionary modernism 2. The conservative revolution of Weimar 3. Oswald Spengler: bourgeois antinomies, reactionary reconciliations 4. Ernest Junger's magical realism 5.Expand
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Divided Memory: The Nazi Past in the Two Germanys
Multiple restorations and divided memory German communism's master narratives of antifascism - Berlin-Moscow East Berlin, 1928-1945 from periphery to centre - German communists and the JewishExpand
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The "Jewish War": Goebbels and the Antisemitic Campaigns of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry
How the Nazi leadership translated radical antisemitism into a narrative of an innocent, besieged Germany striking back at an "international Jewry" it accused of starting and prolonging World War IIExpand
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The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust
The sheer magnitude of the Holocaust has commanded our attention for the past 60 years. The extent of atrocities, however, has overshadowed the calculus Nazis used to justify their deeds. AccordingExpand
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Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World
Jeffrey Herf, a leading scholar in the field, offers the most extensive examination to date of Nazi propaganda activities targeting Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East during World War II and theExpand
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Nazi Germany's Propaganda Aimed at Arabs and Muslims During World War II and the Holocaust: Old Themes, New Archival Findings
  • J. Herf
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  • 16 November 2009
During World War II and the Holocaust, the Nazi regime engaged in an intensive effort to appeal to Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa. It did so by presenting the Nazi regime as aExpand
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The "Holocaust" Reception in West Germany: Right, Center and Left
I was in Frankfurt last year to do research on aspects of Critical Theory. But, as with other American Jews working in West Germany for similar reasons, the subject of Germans and Jews was never farExpand
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Reactionary modernism
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