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Selective revealing in open innovation processes: The case of embedded Linux
Abstract This paper provides a quantitative study ( N  = 268) of patterns of free revealing of firm-developed innovations within embedded Linux, a type of open source software (OSS). I find thatExpand
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Profiting from Voluntary Information Spillovers: How Users Benefit by Freely Revealing Their Innovations
Empirical studies of innovation have found that end users frequently develop important product and process innovations. Defying conventional wisdom on the negative effects of uncompensatedExpand
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What you are is what you like—similarity biases in venture capitalists' evaluations of start-up teams
This paper extends recent research studying biases in venture capitalist's decision making. We contribute to this literature by analyzing biases arising from similarities between a venture capitalistExpand
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Venture Capitalists’ Evaluations of Start–Up Teams: Trade–Offs, Knock–Out Criteria, and the Impact of VC Experience
The start–up team plays a key role in venture capitalists’ evaluations of venture proposals. Our findings go beyond existing research, first by providing a detailed exploration of VCs’ teamExpand
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The Emergence of Openness: How and Why Firms Adopt Selective Revealing in Open Innovation
Open innovation is often facilitated by strong intellectual property rights (IPRs), but it may also function, and even be boosted, when firms deliberately waive some of their IPRs. Extant literatureExpand
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Champions of revealing--the role of open source developers in commercial firms
The link between firms engaging in open source software (OSS) development and the OSS community is established by individual developers. This linkage might entail a principal-agent issue due to theExpand
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Patent Pending – Why Faster Isn’t Always Better
In this study we analyze why firms intentionally delay the patenting process. We analyze 443,988 applications at the German Patent Office, which — due to its comparatively long, seven-yearExpand
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Quality Signals? The Role of Patents, Alliances, and Team Experience in Venture Capital Financing
Observable resources, particularly patents, alliances, and team experience, are known to affect a start-up's ability to attract venture capital financing. In this context they potentially fulfill aExpand
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Code Reuse in Open Source Software Development: Quantitative Evidence, Drivers, and Impediments
The focus of existing open source software (OSS) research has been on how and why individuals and firms add to the commons of public OSS code - that is, on the “giving” side of this open innovation process. Expand
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Protecting Aesthetic Innovations? An Exploration of the Use of Registered Community Designs
A decade after their introduction, approximately three-quarters of a million European Registered Community Designs (RCDs) have been filed, and recent court cases suggest firms regard these as impor...
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