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Effects of Carbon Nanotube-Tethered Nanosphere Density on Amperometric Biosensing: Simulation and Experiment
Nascent nanofabrication approaches are being applied to reduce electrode feature dimensions from the microscale to the nanoscale, creating biosensors that are capable of working more efficiently atExpand
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Analysis of Gap Gene Regulation in a 3D Organism-Scale Model of the Drosophila melanogaster Embryo
The axial bodyplan of Drosophila melanogaster is determined during a process called morphogenesis. Shortly after fertilization, maternal bicoid mRNA is translated into Bicoid (Bcd). This proteinExpand
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Making models match measurements: model optimization for morphogen patterning networks.
Mathematical modeling of developmental signaling networks has played an increasingly important role in the identification of regulatory mechanisms by providing a sandbox for hypothesis testing andExpand
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Mouse navigation strategies for odor source localization
We use an open field odor-based spot-finding task indoors with little wind, examining navigation strategies as mice search for and approach an odor source. Expand
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Moth Mating: Modeling Female Pheromone Calling and Male Navigational Strategies to Optimize Reproductive Success
Male and female moths communicate in complex ways to search for and to select a mate. In a process termed calling, females emit small quantities of pheromones, generating plumes that spread in theExpand
Quantitative modeling of spatiotemporal systems: Simulation of biological systems and analysis of error metric effects on model fitting
Hengenius, James B. Quantitative Modeling of Spatiotemporal Systems: Simulation of Biological Systems and Analysis of Error Metric Effects on Model Fitting. Expand