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Measuring Economic Growth from Outer Space
A statistical framework is developed that uses satellite data on lights growth to augment existing income growth measures, under the assumption that measurement error in using observed light as an indicator of income is uncorrelated with measurementerror in national income accounts.
The Sizes and Types of Cities
This paper presents a simple general equilibrium model of an economy where production and consumption occur in cities. The paper focuses on the different sizes and types of cities generated by market
Networking off Madison Avenue
This paper studies the advertising agency industry in Manhattan to infer networking benefits among agencies in close spatial proximity. We use economic census data that allow us to distinguish
Urban evolution in the USA
On a sustained basis, cities are of non-uniform relative sizes. This paper addresses three basic issues which arise from this simple observation by examining the size distribution of US cities over
Roads, Railroads, and Decentralization of Chinese Cities
Abstract We investigate how urban railroad and highway configurations have influenced urban form in Chinese cities since 1990. Each radial highway displaces 4% of central city population to
Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics
Developments in methodologies, agglomeration, and a range of applied issues have characterized recent advances in regional and urban studies. Volume 5 concentrates on these developments while