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Coherent broadband continuous-wave terahertz spectroscopy on solid-state samples
Measuring the complex dielectric function "(!) = "1 +i"2 of solid- state samples in the terahertz frequency range with high spectral resolution remains difficult. Using a continuous-wave terahertz
Relaxor ferroelectricity and colossal magnetocapacitive coupling in ferromagnetic CdCr2S4
Measurements on a simple cubic spinel compound with unusual, and potentially useful, magnetic and electric properties show ferromagnetic order coexisting with relaxor ferroelectricity, and the magnetocapacitive coupling reaches colossal values, approaching 500 per cent.
Structural, magnetic, and electrical properties of single-crystalline La 1 − x Sr x MnO 3 ( 0.4 x 0.85 )
We report on structural, magnetic, and electrical properties of Sr-doped ${\mathrm{LaMnO}}_{3}$ single crystals for doping levels $0.4l~xl~0.85.$ The complex structural and magnetic phase diagram can
Colossal magnetocapacitance and colossal magnetoresistance in HgCr2S4.
Investigations in external magnetic fields up to 5 T reveal the simultaneous occurrence of magnetocapacitance and magnetoresistance of truly colossal magnitudes in HgCr2S4.
Observation of a griffiths phase in paramagnetic La1-xSrxMnO3.
A novel triangular phase regime is discovered in the system La1-xSrxMnO3 by means of electron spin resonance and magnetic susceptibility measurements, characterized by the coexistence of ferromagnetic entities within the globally paramagnetic phase far above the magnetic ordering temperature.
Using a fiber stretcher as a fast phase modulator in a continuous wave terahertz spectrometer
Continuous wave terahertz spectroscopy based on photomixing offers the attractive feature of detecting both amplitude and phase of the terahertz radiation. Experimentally, it is challenging to
Ac susceptibility studies of ferrimagnetic FeCr2S4 single crystals
Ac linear and nonlinear susceptibilities, χ0 and χ2, of ferrimagnetic FeCr2S4 single crystals were measured in the temperature range from 4.2 to 300 K for different driving ac and applied dc magnetic
Complex interplay of 3 d and 4 f magnetism in La 1 − x Gd x Mn O 3
We report on structural, magnetic, electrical, and thermodynamic properties of Gd-doped $\mathrm{La}\mathrm{Mn}{\mathrm{O}}_{3}$ single crystals for Gd doping levels
Spin and orbital frustration in MnSc2S4 and FeSc2S4.
The Fe compound is characterized by a Curie-Weiss (CW) temperature ThetaCW = -45 K and does not show any indications of order down to 50 mK, meaning FeSc2S4 belongs to the rare class of spin-orbital liquids.