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Misfit-layered cobaltite with an anisotropic giant magnetoresistance: Ca 3 Co 4 O 9
Combining electron diffraction, x-ray diffraction, and high-resolution electron microscopy techniques, a structural model for the cobaltite $``{\mathrm{Ca}}_{3}{\mathrm{Co}}_{4}{\mathrm{O}}_{9}''$
Structural anomalies associated with the electronic and spin transitions in LnCoO3
Abstract.A powder X-ray diffraction study, combined with magnetic susceptibility and electric transport measurements, was performed on a series of LnCoO3 perovskites (Ln = Y, Dy, Gd, Sm, Nd, Pr and
GGA + U calculations of correlated spin excitations in LaCoO 3
A comprehensive generalized gradient approximation $(\text{GGA})+U$ calculation study of many various ${\text{Co}}^{3+}$ spin configurations for the model structures of ${\text{LaCoO}}_{3}$ was
Interplay between transport, magnetic, and ordering phenomena in Sm 1 − x Ca x MnO 3
We present the detailed study of ${\mathrm{Sm}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Ca}}_{x}{\mathrm{MnO}}_{3}$ with $0.3l~xl~1$ probed by electrical resistivity, thermoelectric power, magnetic
Neutron diffraction and heat capacity studies of PrCoO 3 and NdCoO 3
. The precursor powderswere mixed, pressed in the form of pellets, and sintered at1200 °C for 100 h under air.The structural data have been obtained by neutron diffrac-tion experiments, performed at
Electronic band structure, magnetic, transport and thermodynamic properties of In-filled skutterudites InxCo4Sb12
The thermoelectric and thermodynamic properties of polycrystalline InxCo4Sb12 (0.0 ≤ x ≤ 0.26) skutterudites were investigated and analysed between 2 and 800 K by means of electrical resistivity,
Structural anomalies, spin transitions, and charge disproportionation in LnCoO3
The diamagnetic-paramagnetic and insulator-metal transitions in LnCoO3 perovskites (Ln=La,Y, rare earths) are reinterpreted and modeled as a two-level excitation process. In distinction to previous
Thermoelectric properties of mechanically alloyed Bi–Sb alloys
Abstract.Homogeneous polycrystalline Bi100-xSbx (x=12, 15, 22) alloys were synthesized by mechanical alloying. The transport coefficients (electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity, and