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Leviathan and the air-pump. Hobbes, Boyle, and the experimental life
The argument may be distilled as follows: Shapin and Schaffer dilated and developed Sprat's analogies and metaphors with the persistence and prolixity of the Society's cynosure, Robert Boyle, and the experimental life.
Towards a Sociology of Translation
This article argues that the translation of books may be fruitfully understood as constituting a cultural world-system. The working of this system, based on a core-periphery structure, accounts for
De-Sportization of Fighting Contests
On the basis of an empirical analysis of the emergence, spread and transformation of No Holds Barred fighting contests during the 1990s, we argue that Norbert Elias's model of sportization represents
The social sciences as an emerging global field
Exploring the ‘globalization’ of the social sciences, this article first presents an historical interpretation of how transnational exchange in the social sciences has evolved. Earlier forms of
A Cultural Globalization of Popular Music? American, Dutch, French, and German Popular Music Charts (1965 to 2006)
In this article, the authors address the question of whether and how the appreciation of popular music consumers has globalized in the four decades since the mid-1960s. They use information from
Mixed methods research: what it is and what it could be
Combining methods in social scientific research has recently gained momentum through a research strand called Mixed Methods Research (MMR). This approach, which explicitly aims to offer a framework
The Oxford companion to the history of modern science
From the biographies on Galileo and Dorothy Hodgkin to the discussions chronicling the change of science from simply a tool of learning to a major force in society, The Oxford Companion to the
Toward a transnational history of the social sciences.
It is argued that a transnational history of the social sciences may be fruitfully understood on the basis of three general mechanisms, which have structured the transnational flows of people and ideas in decisive ways: the functioning of international scholarly institutions, the trans national mobility of scholars, and the politics of trans-national exchange of nonacademic institutions.
The uses of experiment: studies in the natural sciences
  • J. Heilbron
  • Engineering, Medicine
    Medical history
  • 1 July 1990