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Blur Insensitive Texture Classification Using Local Phase Quantization
In this paper, we propose a new descriptor for texture classification that is robust to image blurring. The descriptor utilizes phase information computed locally in a window for every imageExpand
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A four-step camera calibration procedure with implicit image correction
In geometrical camera calibration the objective is to determine a set of camera parameters that describe the mapping between 3-D reference coordinates and 2-D image coordinates. Various methods forExpand
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Segmenting Salient Objects from Images and Videos
In this paper we introduce a new salient object segmentation method, which is based on combining a saliency measure with a conditional random field (CRF) model. The proposed saliency measure isExpand
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Geometric Camera Calibration Using Circular Control Points
  • J. Heikkilä
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell.
  • 1 October 2000
Modern CCD cameras are usually capable of a spatial accuracy greater than 1/50 of the pixel size. However, such accuracy is not easily attained due to various error sources that can affect the imageExpand
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Recognition of blurred faces using Local Phase Quantization
In this paper, recognition of blurred faces using the recently introduced Local Phase Quantization (LPQ) operator is proposed. LPQ is based on quantizing the Fourier transform phase in localExpand
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Joint Depth and Color Camera Calibration with Distortion Correction
We present an algorithm that simultaneously calibrates two color cameras, a depth camera, and the relative pose between them. The method is designed to have three key features: accurate, practical,Expand
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Fast and Efficient Saliency Detection Using Sparse Sampling and Kernel Density Estimation
Salient region detection has gained a great deal of attention in computer vision. It is useful for applications such as adaptive video/image compression, image segmentation, anomaly detection, imageExpand
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A Texture-based Method for Detecting Moving Objects
The detection of moving objects from video frames plays an important and often very critical role in different kinds of machine vision applications including human detection and tracking, trafficExpand
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Local phase quantization for blur-insensitive image analysis
One of the principal causes for image quality degradation is blur. This frequent phenomenon is usually a result of misfocused optics or camera motion, and it is very difficult to undo. Beyond theExpand
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Affine invariant pattern recognition using multiscale autoconvolution
This paper presents a new affine invariant image transform called multiscale autoconvolution (MSA). The proposed transform is based on a probabilistic interpretation of the image function. The methodExpand
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