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Narrative Visualization: Telling Stories with Data
  • E. Segel, J. Heer
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer…
  • 1 November 2010
Drawing on case studies from news media to visualization research, distinct genres of narrative visualization are identified and a framework suggests design strategies for narrative visualization, including promising under-explored approaches to journalistic storytelling and educational media. Expand
prefuse: a toolkit for interactive information visualization
Although information visualization (infovis) technologies have proven indispensable tools for making sense of complex data, wide-spread deployment has yet to take hold, as successful infovisExpand
Crowdsourcing graphical perception: using mechanical turk to assess visualization design
The viability of Amazon's Mechanical Turk as a platform for graphical perception experiments is assessed and cost and performance data are reported and recommendations for the design of crowdsourced studies are distill. Expand
Vega-Lite: A Grammar of Interactive Graphics
Vega-Lite combines a traditional grammar of graphics, providing visual encoding rules and a composition algebra for layered and multi-view displays, with a novel grammar of interaction, that enables rapid specification of interactive data visualizations. Expand
Wrangler: interactive visual specification of data transformation scripts
Wrangler combines direct manipulation of visualized data with automatic inference of relevant transforms, enabling analysts to iteratively explore the space of applicable operations and preview their effects. Expand
D³ Data-Driven Documents
This work shows how representational transparency improves expressiveness and better integrates with developer tools than prior approaches, while offering comparable notational efficiency and retaining powerful declarative components. Expand
D 3 : Data-Driven Documents
Data-Driven Documents (D3) is a novel representation-transparent approach to visualization for the web. Rather than hide the underlying scenegraph within a toolkit-specific abstraction, D3 enablesExpand
Vizster: visualizing online social networks
  • J. Heer, D. Boyd
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization…
  • 23 October 2005
This work has designed and implemented a visualization system for playful end-user exploration and navigation of large scale online social networks, and builds upon familiar node link network layouts to contribute customized techniques for exploring connectivity in large graph structures. Expand
Protovis: A Graphical Toolkit for Visualization
  • M. Bostock, J. Heer
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer…
  • 1 November 2009
Protovis, an extensible toolkit for constructing visualizations by composing simple graphical primitives, is contributed, which achieves a level of expressiveness comparable to low-level graphics systems, while improving efficiency and accessibility. Expand
Voyager: Exploratory Analysis via Faceted Browsing of Visualization Recommendations
It is found that Voyager facilitates exploration of previously unseen data and leads to increased data variable coverage, and the need to balance rapid exploration and targeted question-answering for visualization tools is distill. Expand