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From Hegemonic Masculinity to the Hegemony of Men
This article evaluates the usefulness of the concept of hegemony in theorizing men. The discussion is located within the framework of ‘Critical Studies on Men’ (CSM), in which the centrality of powerExpand
Naming Men as Men: Implications for Work, Organization and Management
This paper seeks to contribute to the growing interest in naming men as men as part of a critical analysis of gendered power relations in organizations. The paper highlights the way in which men andExpand
Investigating recovery from stroke: a qualitative study.
In conclusion, further research and interventions must consider the diverse, complex, dynamic and highly personal character of stroke recovery, as traditional outcome measures are too simplistic to capture patients' and caregivers' experiences. Expand
The Violences of Men: How Men Talk About and How Agencies Respond to Men's Violence to Women
  • J. Hearn
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 8 July 1998
PART ONE: SETTING THE SCENE Introduction Definitions and Explanations of Men's Violence Studying and Researching Men's Violence to Known Women PART TWO: TALKING VIOLENCE Violence and Talking aboutExpand
Gender and Management: New Directions in Research and Continuing Patterns in Practice
The area of gender, organizations and management is now recognized in at least some quarters outside of itself as a legitimate, even an important, area, but the field of activity is still somewhat precarious. Expand
Home and "Work"
The social relations of home and work represent some of the most fundamental aspects of gender relations in society, and thus some of the most important elements in the construction of men andExpand
Hegemonic masculinity: combining theory and practice in gender interventions
The practical translational challenges of using gender theory broadly, and hegemonic masculinity in particular, are discussed in a Swedish case study of the intervention Machofabriken [The Macho Factory], and it is illustrated how the concept is brought to life in this activist work with men. Expand
Men As Managers, Managers as Men: Critical Perspectives on Men, Masculinities and Managements
Breaking the Silence - David L Collinson and Jeff Hearn On Men, Masculinities and Managements Masculinities and Managements in the Transition from Factory Hands to Sentimental Workers - Wendy HollwayExpand