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N-doped GeTe as performance booster for embedded Phase-Change Memories
The commercialization of Phase-Change Memories (PCM), based on the well-known GST compound, have been recently started, tailored for consumer applications. Despite other excellent performances (i.e.Expand
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A transmission polarizing beam splitter grating
We present the design, fabrication, and test of a polarizing beam splitter grating for operation at 633 nm under a angle of incidence. This component is compact and its fabrication is reproducibleExpand
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Polarization-sensitive printing of surface plasmon interferences.
Surface plasmon assisted lithography is currently a matter of growing interest since it allows nanopatterning in photosensitive films without being restricted by the diffraction limit. UsingExpand
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Improved CD and overlay metrology using an optical Fourier transform instrument
We present an innovating method to measure the overlay by scatterometry using an optical Fourier transform (OFT) based system. In order to measure the overlay of patterned layers α and β, one lineExpand
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A full-process chain assessment for nanoimprint technology on 200-mm industrial platform
Abstract To evaluate the maturity of the wafer-scale NanoImprint lithography (NIL) process, laboratory of electronic and communication technology (LETI) and EV Group (EVG) launched the ImprintExpand
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Complete data preparation flow for Massively Parallel E-Beam lithography on 28nm node full-field design
We present the complete data-preparation flow of MP-EBL for the MAPPER Lithography FLX-1200 tool for a 28 nm node Metal1 layout in 37 hours. Expand
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Robust sub-50-nm CD control by a fast-goniometric scatterometry technique
Sub-50 nm half pitch critical dimension metrology of resist lines by a fast goniometric scatterometry technique in the visible range has been investigated. The goniometric optical instrumentationExpand
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Validation of an analytical model of si-ring resonators for designing a 1×8 multiplexer in SCISSOR configuration
We numerically simulate chromatic and thermal dispersion in ring-resonator-based filters and validate the model with experimental data. A low-loss 1×8 multiplexer based on SCISSORs structure wasExpand
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Focussing light through a stack of toroidal channels in PMMA.
We propose a transformational design of an axi-symmetric gradient lens for electromagnetic waves. We show that a metamaterial consisting of toroidal air channels of diameters ranging from 23 nm toExpand
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Optical Fourier transform scatterometry for LER and LWR metrology
We present an innovating instrument based on optical Fourier transform (OFT) capable to measure simultaneously the specular and non specular diffraction pattern of sub-micronic periodic structures.Expand
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