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Factors Affecting Running Economy in Trained Distance Runners
There is a strong association between RE and distance running performance, with RE being a better predictor of performance than maximal oxygen uptake (V̇O2max) in elite runners who have a similar V̇ O2max. Expand
Reliability of Power in Physical Performance Tests
The most reliable measures of power and the factors affecting reliability are identified to help exercise practitioners and researchers select or design good measures and protocols for tests of physical performance. Expand
Carbohydrates for training and competition
Whether implementing additional “train-low” strategies to increase the training adaptation leads to enhanced performance in well-trained individuals is unclear. Expand
Physiological adaptations to low‐volume, high‐intensity interval training in health and disease
Some of the mechanisms responsible for improved skeletal muscle metabolic control and changes in cardiovascular function in response to low‐ volume HIT are reviewed and insight is provided on the utility of low‐volume HIT for improving performance in athletes. Expand
The Molecular Bases of Training Adaptation
The effects of exercise on molecular and genetic mechanisms of training adaptation in skeletal muscle are highlighted to improve understanding of the aetiology of disease, maintenance of metabolic and functional capacity with aging, and training for athletic performance. Expand
Design and analysis of research on sport performance enhancement.
Assessment of research aimed at measuring performance enhancements that affect success of individual elite athletes in competitive events found that estimates of enhancement of performance in laboratory or field tests in most previous studies may not apply to elite athletesIn competitive events. Expand
Meteorin-like Is a Hormone that Regulates Immune-Adipose Interactions to Increase Beige Fat Thermogenesis
The identification of meteorin-like (Metrnl), a circulating factor that is induced in muscle after exercise and in adipose tissue upon cold exposure, which links host-adaptive responses to the regulation of energy homeostasis and tissue inflammation and has therapeutic potential for metabolic and inflammatory diseases. Expand
Skeletal muscle buffering capacity and endurance performance after high-intensity interval training by well-trained cyclists
The results indicate that βm may be an important determinant of relatively short-duration (< 60 min) endurance cycling activity and responds positively to just six sessions of high-intensity, submaximal interval training. Expand
Peak power output predicts maximal oxygen uptake and performance time in trained cyclists
  • J. Hawley, T. Noakes
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • European Journal of Applied Physiology and…
  • 2005
It is concluded that for trained cyclists, theVO2max can be accurately predicted from Wpeak, and that Wpeak is a valid predictor of 20-km cycle time. Expand
Reliability and variability of running economy in elite distance runners.
The results demonstrate that although the magnitude of the TE for a submaximal treadmill running protocol of three 4-min work efforts is small, it is three- to fourfold higher for Lac, and the RE test is useful in detecting changes attributable to training interventions. Expand