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The potato: evolution, biodiversity and genetic resources
The origin and first home of the potato the spread of the potato round the world potato cytology and reproductive biology potato evolution potato systematics and biodiversity genetic resouces of theExpand
Plant Genetic Conservation: The in situ approach
A Practical Model for in situ Genetic Conservation N. Maxted, et al.'s work helps clarify the role of genetic diversity in in situ conservation. Expand
The Potatoes of Bolivia: Their Breeding Value and Evolutionary Relationships
Part 1 General: the breeding value of Bolivian potatoes cytogenetics and crossability species concepts and evolutionary relationships phytogeography and ecology potato exploration in BoliviaExpand
The Biology and taxonomy of the Solanaceae
The Biology and taxonomy of the Solanaceae is studied in detail in order to establish a coherent picture of the phytochemical relationships between the various fruits of the tree group. Expand
Insect resistance in potatoes: sources, evolutionary relationships, morphological and chemical defenses, and ecogeographical associations
Significant correlations between insect score and altitude of original collection were observed in six of thirteen species and Insect resistance was most common in the primitive and cultivated Tuberosa. Expand
History of the potato
The studies of de Candolle, Vavilov and others have shown the need for a synthesis of information from such diverse fields as cytogenetics, history, linguistics, botany and archaeology to help trace the complete pattern of evolution of the authors' ancient crops. Expand