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Female facial attractiveness increases during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle
The lack of obvious visible manifestations of ovulation in human females, compared with the prominent sexual swellings of many primates, has led to the idea that human ovulation is concealed. WhileExpand
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DiVinE 3.0 - An Explicit-State Model Checker for Multithreaded C & C++ Programs
We present a new release of the parallel and distributed LTL model checker DiVinE. Expand
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Increased risk of traffic accidents in subjects with latent toxoplasmosis: a retrospective case-control study
BackgroundThe parasite Toxoplasma gondii infects 30–60% of humans worldwide. Latent toxoplasmosis, i.e., the life-long presence of Toxoplasma cysts in neural and muscular tissues, leads toExpand
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MHC-correlated mate choice in humans: A review
Extremely high variability in genes of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) in vertebrates is assumed to be a consequence of frequency-dependent parasite-driven selection and mate preferencesExpand
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Women's preference for dominant male odour: effects of menstrual cycle and relationship status
Body odour may provide significant cues about a potential sexual partner's genetic quality, reproductive status and health. In animals, a key trait in a female's choice of sexual partner is maleExpand
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Increased incidence of traffic accidents in Toxoplasma-infected military drivers and protective effect RhD molecule revealed by a large-scale prospective cohort study
BackgroundLatent toxoplasmosis, protozoan parasitosis with prevalence rates from 20 to 60% in most populations, is known to impair reaction times in infected subjects, which results, for example, inExpand
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Distinguishing between Perceiver and Wearer Effects in Clothing Color-Associated Attributions
Recent studies have noted positive effects of red clothing on success in competitive sports, perhaps arising from an evolutionary predisposition to associate the color red with dominance status. RedExpand
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Pogamut 3 Can Assist Developers in Building AI (Not Only) for Their Videogame Agents
We present Pogamut 3, an open source platform for rapid development of behaviour for virtual agents embodied in a 3D environment of the Unreal Tournament 2004 videogame. Expand
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Non‐Advertized does not Mean Concealed: Body Odour Changes across the Human Menstrual Cycle
Females of a number of primate species display their fertile period by behavioural and/or morphological changes. Traditionally, the fertile period in human females has been considered to beExpand
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Partner Choice, Relationship Satisfaction, and Oral Contraception
Hormonal fluctuation across the menstrual cycle explains temporal variation in women’s judgment of the attractiveness of members of the opposite sex. Use of hormonal contraceptives could thereforeExpand
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