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Transparency and electrical properties of meshed metal films
Abstract Meshed silver/titanium films, deposited on a 1737 Corning glass substrate by radiofrequency (r.f.) magnetron sputtering and etched by wet process, have been studied. Sputtering parametersExpand
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Feasibility of a Millimeter-Wave MIMO System for Short-Range Wireless Communications in an Underground Gold Mine
The performance of multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system operating at the 60 GHz band is investigated based on experimental data in a real underground mine gallery. Expand
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Feasibility Study of Optically Transparent CPW-Fed Monopole Antenna at 60-GHz ISM Bands
This paper presents a feasibility study on an optically transparent planar monopole lozenge antenna at the 60-GHz industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) band. The feeding of this antenna is composed ofExpand
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Surface Impedance Engineered Low-Profile Dual-Band Grooved-Dielectric Choke Ring for GNSS Applications
A novel low-profile grooved-dielectric choke ring with dual-band surface impedance resonance is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The proposed structure is designed by engineering the surfaceExpand
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Optically transparent monopole antenna with high radiation efficiency manufactured with silver grid layer (AgGL)
A technology based on a meshed silver/titanium bilayer printed on glass substrate is briefly presented. A sheet resistance equal to 0.054 /sq with 81.3 of optical transparency is obtained. TheExpand
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Radiofrequency performances of transparent ultra-wideband antennas
In this paper, optically transparent ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antennas in S-band and Cband are presented, compared and discussed. Three transparent UWB antennas elaborated from the AgGL (SilverExpand
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Bandwidth Broadening of Dual-Slot Antenna Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW)
This letter presents a dual-slot antenna etched on a substrate integrated waveguide. This antenna is designed, fabricated, and measured to operate at X-band. It uses two unequal slots in order toExpand
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60 GHz optically transparent microstrip antenna made of meshed AuGL material
In this study, a 60 GHz optically transparent microstrip (OTM) patch antenna array is designed, fabricated and measured. Gold meshes are implemented for the two layers of the antenna. A numericalExpand
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Large and Optically Transparent Multilayer for Broadband H-Shaped Slot Antenna
This letter presents a feasibility study of a large optically transparent broadband antenna for urban radio cellular networks. The proposed H-shaped slot antenna, which is well suited for antennaExpand
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High gain RFID tag antenna for the underground localization applications at 915 MHz band
The purpose of this paper is to propose a new high gain RF identification (RFID) tag antenna on 915 MHz band for the underground localization applications. Expand
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