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Depoliticizing development: The World Bank and social capital
Explores the origins of the idea of social capital and its diverse meanings in the work of James Coleman Pierre Bourdieu and of Robert Putman - who is responsible more than any other, through hisExpand
Reinventing India: Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy
When India was invented as a "modern" country in the years after Independence in 1947 it styled itself as a secular, federal, democratic Republic committed to an ideology of development. Nehru'sExpand
The Case for Cross-Disciplinary Approaches in International Development
Abstract As “a system of rules” for the construction of knowledge, and training in these rules, “discipline” is productive. But discipline is also constraining and may be repressive, so that goodExpand
Prehistoric Economy in the Mount Carmel Area of Palestine: Site Catchment Analysis
This study is concerned with the exploitation of resources by human groups in the Carmel area over a period of about 50,000 years. To this end an attempt is made to evaluate the changing economicExpand
Political Participation, Representation and the Urban Poor Findings from Research in Delhi
It is widely believed that an historic shift is taking place in forms of political representation available to the poor, from the classic patterns of the earlier 20 Century, based on social relationsExpand
Antinomies of Empowerment Observations on Civil Society, Politics and Urban Governance in India
Since the 1990s, and coinciding with the onset of liberalisation, a “new politics” aimed at associating the hitherto disempowered with aspects of governance appears to have taken shape across India’sExpand
Bringing Politics Back into Poverty Analysis: Why Understanding Social Relations Matters More for Policy on Chronic Poverty than Measurement
Mainstream poverty research - even after experts had generally accepted the need for a multidimensional view of poverty that goes beyond income/consumption measures to take account of holdings ofExpand