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Depoliticizing development: The World Bank and social capital
Explores the origins of the idea of social capital and its diverse meanings in the work of James Coleman Pierre Bourdieu and of Robert Putman - who is responsible more than any other, through hisExpand
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Reinventing India: Liberalization, Hindu Nationalism and Popular Democracy
When India was invented as a "modern" country in the years after Independence in 1947 it styled itself as a secular, federal, democratic Republic committed to an ideology of development. Nehru'sExpand
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The Case for Cross-Disciplinary Approaches in International Development
Abstract As “a system of rules” for the construction of knowledge, and training in these rules, “discipline” is productive. But discipline is also constraining and may be repressive, so that goodExpand
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ABSTRACT This article, drawing on the results of both survey research and of ethnography in Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai, concerns the relationships between the middle class and the informal workingExpand
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The great tradition globalizes : reflections on two studies of ‘The Industrial Leaders’ of Madras
The title of the paper alludes to Milton Singer's book When A Great Tradition Modernizes: an anthropological approach to Indian civilization, and particularly to Part IV of the book. This has theExpand
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Managing development : understanding inter-organizational relationships
PART ONE: INTRODUCTIONS Why Inter-Organizational Relationships Matter - Dorcas Robinson, Tom Hewitt and John Hariss Understanding Organizations and Institutions - Teddy Brett A Hybrid or a Third Way?Expand
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Institutions, Politics and Culture: A Case for 'Old' Institutionalism in the Study of Historical Change
Institutions are, as Jeffrey Nugent explains (in his paper in this volume), humanly devised rules that affect behaviour, constraining certain actions, providing incentives for others, and therebyExpand
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Rural Development:: Theories of Peasant Economy and Agrarian Change
arbiter among the competing elite groups and build state power in order to Jay the foundation for national cohesion and integration. Military itself, however, is affected by this process. One of hisExpand
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Political Participation, Representation and the Urban Poor
In recent times, social scientists have noted the decline of state responsiveness to social claims. There appears an equal decline in the ability of existing structures of representation to provideExpand
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