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Teaching game programming using XNA: what works and what doesn't
In 2006, Microsoft became the first large gaming company to offer free of charge a professional development toolset for game programming called XNA. Expand
Maintaining ethical standards for a computer security curriculum
  • J. Harris
  • Computer Science
  • InfoSecCD '04
  • 8 October 2004
Many undergraduate courses in Networking and Computer Security have adopted curricula involving sensitive security related details such as the use of network probing tools and password crackers, specific examples of virus and worm related code, and intimate details of security flaws such as buffer overflows. Expand
Statements of core values and corporate codes of ethics for IT related firms
The ethical use of information technology is an increasing concern for all organizations. Expand
Rebuild of the Bulletin of the International Seismological Centre (ISC), part 1: 1964–1979
The data from the Bulletin of the International Seismological Centre (ISC) have always been and still remain in demand for a wide range of studies in Geosciences. The unique features of the BulletinExpand
Immersive visual modeling: potential use of virtual reality in teaching software design
This paper explores the prospective use of virtual worlds as three-dimensional models of object-oriented software. Expand
Compliance issues and IS degree programs
New graduates of IS degree programs are entering a profession which is increasingly bound by legal and regulatory requirements and this fact may come as a big surprise to many of them . Expand
A team teaching approach to inclusion of a security component in IS and CS curricula
This paper describes a team teaching approach used to provide a course in computer security and information assurance for upper level undergraduate students majoring in computer science or information systems. Expand
The Great Fear: Stalin's Terror of the 1930s
Introduction 1. Fear and Violence 2. Peace and Insecurity 3. The Uncertain Dictatorship 4. The Great Break 5. Relaxation? 6. Tensions Mount 7. The Perfect Storm Epilogue Bibliography
Ethical codes and their effect on conduct
The simplest and most visible way for an organization to show its commitment to ethics is to issue a code of ethics that encourages the organization members to behave in an ethical way. Expand