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William Beveridge. A Biography.
This new and revised edition of William Beveridge remains the only documented biography of the most influential social reformer of the twentieth century. In Britain and Europe the Beveridge Plan ofExpand
Nationality, Rights and Virtue: Some Approaches to Citizenship in Great Britain
Over the course of several centuries, conceptions of citizenship in Great Britain have both resembled and differed from those common among its continental neighbours in a variety of ways. As on theExpand
Civil Society in British History
Principles, Poor Laws and welfare states
Civil society in British history : ideas, identities, institutions
Introduction : Civil Society in British History: Paradigm or Peculiarity? 1. From Richard Hooker to Harold Laski: Changing Perceptions of Civil Society in British Political Thought 2. CentralExpand
War and Social History: Britain and the Home Front during the Second World War
This article reviews interpretations of the history of British society during the Second World War. Traditionally the Second World War has been viewed as a period of outstanding national unity andExpand