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Influence of Inhibitors of Polyamine Biosynthesis on Polyamine Levels and Growth of Plants
Abstract Inhibitors of enzymes involved in polyamine biosynthesis which stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and animal cell systems were analyzed for their potential to interfere with plant cellExpand
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Association of polyamines to different parts of various plant species
The variation in polyamine content in different plant species and in different parts within a plant can be considerable. To get general information about levels of polyamines in plants and about theExpand
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Transport of Polyamines in Sugar Beet Seedlings
Abstract The high levels of polyamines generally found in cotyledons of seedlings might be exported to hypocotyls and radicles. 14C-Labelled putrescine applied to a sugar beet seedling through aExpand
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High pH-values and secretion of ions on leaf surfaces: A characteristic of the phylloplane of Malvaceae
All of 19 different species of Malvaceae have high pH-values, pH 9.5 or higher, on one or both surfaces of mature leaves. This is due to the secretion of magnesium and potassium carbonate andExpand
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Use of the cell wall-less alga Dunaliella bioculata in herbicide screening tests
SUMMARY An assay was developed using Dunaliella bioculata, a cell wall-less, unicellular alga with two flagella, to determine whether it could supplement a programme of herbicide screening. GrowthExpand
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