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What is animal happiness?
It is argued that animal happiness depends on how an individual feels generally—that is, a typical level of affect.
Husbandry to Industry: Animal Agriculture, Ethics and Public Policy
The industrialisation of agriculture has led to considerable alterations at both the technological and economical levels of animal farming. Several animal welfare issues of modern animal agriculture
Telos and the Ethics of Animal Farming
The concept of animal welfare in confinement agriculture—and an ethical theory based upon this concept—necessitates an idea of what kind of being it is that fares well and what “well” is for this
The ethics of consumption
  • J. Harfeld
  • Economics
    Wageningen Academic Publishers
  • 2013
Over the last 15 years the demand of halal meat has increased significantly worldwide and dedicated markets for halal certified meat have emerged in a number of European countries. While ethnic
Seeing the Animal: On the Ethical Implications of De-animalization in Intensive Animal Production Systems
This article discusses the notion that the invisibility of the animalness of the animal constitutes a fundamental obstacle to change within current production systems. It is discussed whether housing
Philosophical Ethology: On the extents of what it is to be a pig
Answers to the question, “What is a farm animal?” often revolve around genetics, physical attributes, and the animals’ functions in agricultural production. The essential and defining characteristics
Animal welfare, consumer behaviour, and public policy
This paper investigates the normative aspects of animal food production and retailing and takes as a presumption that food consumers deliberately choosing animal-welfare products act normatively (on
The Relevance of Shame in Dog-Human Relationships
The general claim behind the use of psychiatric service dogs is that the dogs, given their individual training, can provide a bigger sense of independency and safety for people struggling with