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Transit of pharmaceutical dosage forms through the small intestine.
The gastrointestinal transit of pharmaceutical dosage forms has been measured in 201 studies in normal subjects using gamma scintigraphy. Solutions, small pellets, and single units (matrix tabletsExpand
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A comparative study of the gastrointestinal transit of a pellet and tablet formulation
Abstract The gastrointestinal transit of a pellet and tablet formulation have been evaluated in a group of 6 subjects using the technique of gamma-scintigraphy. Each formulation was labelled with aExpand
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Blood clearance and organ deposition of intravenously administered colloidal particles. The effects of particle size, nature and shape
Abstract The blood clearance and organ deposition of polystyrene and cellulose (DEAE) particles have been studied in the rabbit using labelled material and the technique of gamma scintigraphy inExpand
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Drug delivery to the proximal colon
The transits of a capsule and a multiparticulate pellet system have been monitored through the gastrointestinal tract in six healthy volunteers. Both preparations moved together through the stomachExpand
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Gamma scintigraphy in the evaluation of pharmaceutical dosage forms
Gamma-scintigraphy is applied extensively in the development and evaluation of pharmaceutical drug delivery systems. It is used particularly for monitoring formulations in the gastrointestinal andExpand
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Quantitative assessment of the response to therapy in achalasia of the cardia.
Radionuclide oesophageal transit studies and manometry have been carried out in 15 patients with achalasia of the cardia, before treatment, after a course of nifedipine and after pneumatic bagExpand
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A small volume spacer for use with a breath-operated pressurised metered dose inhaler
A small volume spacer, the Optimiser, has been evaluated for use with the Easi-Breathe breath-operated inhaler. Oropharyngeal deposition in healthy subjects was reduced by 80% by the use of theExpand
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Intranasal drug delivery by spray and drops
A solution of 99m Tc‐labelled human serum albumin was administered into the nose as a spray and as one or three drops. The patterns of deposition and the rates of clearance in normal subjects wereExpand
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Evaluation of an enteric‐coated delayed‐release 5‐aminosalicylic acid tablet in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Gastrointestinal transit of an enteric coated delayed release 5‐aminosalicylic acid tablet radiolabelled with III indium has been monitored in a total of 13 patients with Crohn's disease andExpand
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