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Psychiatric findings of the Stirling Country Study.
1. As in Manhattan the prevalence of psychiatric symptoms in the general population of this rural area is higher than one might expect, with only 17% of adults free of all symptoms of psychiatricExpand
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Wild Geese: Buddhism in Canada
The most comprehensive study of Buddhism in Canada to date, Wild Geese offers a history of the religion's evolution in Canada, surveys the diverse communities and beliefs of Canadian Buddhists, andExpand
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The Study of Religion: A Reader
Introduction Part One: The Discipline: Its History and Fundamental Perspectives Part Two: The Older Strata: Early, Classic, or Foundational Writings A. Philosophy and Theology B. Classic SocialExpand
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Psychiatric disorder in a Swedish and a Canadian community: an exploratory study.
Abstract Psychiatric and selected demographic-socio-cultural data were compared in a Swedish and a Canadian community. The study was exploratory, concerned mainly with questions of feasibility inExpand
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Introduction to the Study of Religion
1. Defining Religion 2. How Religion Began To Be Studied: Traditional Perspectives 3. Studying Religion Within Communities: Social and Cultural Perspectives 4. How People Experience Religion:Expand
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READERS of modern psychiatric texts will be struck by the emergence of techniques of investigation that stand four square with any to be found in the rest of medicine. Arm chair philosophising isExpand
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Bodily crisis and religious conviction: Implications of Kiyozawa Manshi's illness
Kiyozawa Manshi (1863-1903) is well-known as a Japanese reformer of modern Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism. Kiyozawa's articles and diaries express an evolving religious conviction that emerged both within theExpand
Trailblazers of Global Buddhist Networks
Abstract This paper surveys the travels and networks of several Buddhist figures early in the modernization of this increasingly global tradition. Revisiting renowned Buddhist representatives, suchExpand