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Exit from G1 and S Phase of the Cell Cycle Is Regulated by Repressor Complexes Containing HDAC-Rb-hSWI/SNF and Rb-hSWI/SNF
We present evidence that Rb forms a repressor containing histone deacetylase (HDAC) and the hSWI/SNF nucleosome remodeling complex, which inhibits transcription of genes for cyclins E and A andExpand
Cdk Phosphorylation Triggers Sequential Intramolecular Interactions that Progressively Block Rb Functions as Cells Move through G1
Evidence is presented that phosphorylation of the C-terminal region of Rb by Cdk4/6 initiates successive intramolecular interactions that lead to phosphorylated histone deacetylase from the pocket and disruption of pocket structure. Expand
The Rb/E2F pathway: expanding roles and emerging paradigms.
The retinoblastoma gene was identified over a decade ago as the first tumor suppressor and current understanding of the mechanism of action of Rb and its roles in cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, and development is reviewed. Expand
Frequent Mutation of BAP1 in Metastasizing Uveal Melanomas
Exome capture coupled with massively parallel sequencing is used to search for metastasis-related mutations in highly metastatic uveal melanomas of the eye and implicate loss of BAP1 in uveAL melanoma metastasis and suggest that the BAP 1 pathway may be a valuable therapeutic target. Expand
Recurrent mutations at codon 625 of the splicing factor SF3B1 in uveal melanoma
utations occurring exclusively at codon 625 of the SF3B1 gene, encoding splicing factor 3B subunit 1, in low-grade uveal melanomas with good prognosis are described. Expand
Gene Expression Profiling in Uveal Melanoma Reveals Two Molecular Classes and Predicts Metastatic Death
It is shown that primary uveal melanomas surprisingly cluster into two distinct molecular classes based on gene expression profile, and this molecular classification strongly predicts metastatic death and outperforms other clinical and pathological prognostic indicators. Expand
Oncogenic mutations in GNAQ occur early in uveal melanoma.
GNAQ mutations occur in about half of UMs, representing the most common known oncogenic mutation in this cancer, and provide new insights into UM pathogenesis and could lead to new therapeutic possibilities. Expand
Primary vitreoretinal lymphoma: a report from an International Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma Collaborative Group symposium.
Because of the disease rarity, international, multicenter, collaborative efforts are required to better understand the biology and pathogenesis of PVRL as well as to define both diagnostic markers and optimal therapies. Expand
Abnormalities in structure and expression of the human retinoblastoma gene in SCLC.
The finding of abnormalities of the Rb gene in SCLC and pulmonary carcinoids (both neuroendocrine tumors) suggests that this gene may be involved in the pathogenesis of a common adult malignancy. Expand
Rb function in cell-cycle regulation and apoptosis
The roles of Rb in regulating the cell cycle and apoptosis are reviewed and recent results linking these Rb functions to chromatin-remodelling enzymes are discussed. Expand