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Examining the large‐scale spatial coherence of European drought using regional indicators of precipitation and streamflow deficit
Droughts tend to evolve slowly and affect large areas simultaneously, which suggests that improved understanding of spatial coherence of drought would enable better mitigation of drought impactsExpand
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On the robustness of changes in extreme precipitation over Europe from two high resolution climate change simulations
Two Regional Climate Model (RCM) projections of changes in extreme precipitation over Europe are assessed and compared. This provides insight into the importance of RCM formulation in representingExpand
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Trends in seasonal river flow regimes in the UK
Summary A wide range of hydrological trend studies have been published for the UK, but there has not previously been a UK-wide assessment of changes in seasonal river flow regimes in a large numberExpand
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Drought in the Anthropocene
Drought management is inefficient because feedbacks between drought and people are not fully understood. In this human-influenced era, we need to rethink the concept of drought to include the humanExpand
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From meteorological to hydrological drought using standardised indicators
Abstract. Drought monitoring and early warning (M & EW) systems are a crucial component of drought preparedness. M & EW systems typically make use of drought indicators such as the StandardisedExpand
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The winter floods of 2015/2016 in the UK - a review
A remarkably persistent and exceptionally mild cyclonic episode beginning in early-November 2015 and lasting around fourteen weeks brought severe, extensive and protracted flooding which impactedExpand
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Climate-driven changes in UK river flows
There is a burgeoning international literature on hydro-climatic trend detection, motivated by the need to detect and interpret any emerging changes in river flows associated with anthropogenicExpand
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An assessment of trends in UK runoff and low flows using a network of undisturbed catchments
In many parts of the world attempts to discern climatic-driven changes in river flow patterns are hindered by the combined impact of other, more direct anthropogenic disturbances such as abstractionExpand
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High‐flow and flood trends in a network of undisturbed catchments in the UK
This study presents the results of trend tests applied to high-flow and flood records from a network of catchments in the UK. These rivers have flow regimes which are relatively undisturbed byExpand
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Climate change and water in the UK – past changes and future prospects
Climate change is expected to modify rainfall, temperature and catchment hydrological responses across the world, and adapting to these water-related changes is a pressing challenge. This paperExpand
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