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An Evaluation of the Role of Ferritin (VDM) in Traumatic Shock.∗
Summary Increased tissue ferritin produced by intraperitoneal hemoglobin or precipitation of circulating ferritin by antiserum failed to affect mortality rate and mean death time in rats subjected toExpand
Cyclic variations of serum progestins and immunoreactive estrogens in marmosets.
As an index of reproductive cyclicity, the levels of progestins and immunoreactive estrogens were determined in the serum of adult female marmosets. The estrogens were determined by radioimmunoassayExpand
Utilization of oxygen by normal and trauma-resistant rats following trauma and exposure to hypoxia.
No difference could be demonstrated between resting oxygen consumption of trauma-resistant and control rats, or their oxygen consumption at various levels of hypoxia. No difference could be demonst...
Hemoglobin iron as a stimulus for the production of ferritin by the kidney.
Observations on a successful breeding colony of the marmoset, Oedipomidas oedipus.
The Histaminase Activity of Ceruloplasmin
Summary The plasmas of man and rhesus monkey contain a protein which oxidatively deaminates histamine, but not putrescine, at near physiological pH. Purified ceruloplasmin also gives this histaminaseExpand
Diurnal heart rate and body temperature in marmosets.
  • J. Hampton
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of physical anthropology
  • 1 March 1973
Marmosets, Saguinus oedipus oedipus and S. fuscicollis, have been shown to have a diurnal heart rate pattern that has a marked difference between high and low values (about 55 beats/minute) and showsExpand
Marmosets (Hapiladae): Breeding Seasons, Twinning, and Sex of Offspring
Our records on marmosets, primarily Oedipomidas oedipus, plus data from the literature, confirm that these animals customarily have twins. Demonstrated chimerism for several tissues is significant,Expand
Effect of trauma on rat serum proteolytic activity.
The effect of Noble-Collip drum trauma on serum proteolytic activity of normal and trauma-resistant rats has been investigated. Rats were subjected to a range of 0–480 Noble-Collip drum revolutions...
Effects of para-chlorophenylalanine on pregnancy in the rat.