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A Meta-analytic Review
STUDIES HAVE LINKED PHYSICIANS’ communication skills to a variety of positive outcomes, including patient and physician satisfaction, higher levels of adherence to therapeutic recommendations,Expand
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Nonverbal behavior and the vertical dimension of social relations: a meta-analysis.
The vertical dimension of interpersonal relations (relating to dominance, power, and status) was examined in association with nonverbal behaviors that included facial behavior, gaze, interpersonalExpand
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Patient sociodemographic characteristics as predictors of satisfaction with medical care: a meta-analysis.
A meta-analysis was performed to examine the relation of patients' sociodemographic characteristics to their satisfaction with medical care. The sociodemographic characteristics were age, ethnicity,Expand
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Meta-analysis of Correlates of Provider Behavior in Medical Encounters
This article summarizes the results of 41 independent studies containing correlates of objectively measured provider behaviors in medical encounters. Provider behaviors were grouped a priori into theExpand
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Effectiveness of interventions to improve patient compliance: a meta-analysis.
OBJECTIVES This article summarizes the results of 153 studies published between 1977 and 1994 that evaluated the effectiveness of interventions to improve patient compliance with medical regimens. Expand
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Doctors Talking With Patients/Patients Talking With Doctors: Improving Communication in Medical Visits
The verbal and nonverbal exchanges that take place between doctor and patient affect both participants, and can result in a range of positive or negative psychological reactions-including comfort,Expand
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Gender differences in judgments of multiple emotions from facial expressions.
The authors tested gender differences in emotion judgments by utilizing a new judgment task (Studies 1 and 2) and presenting stimuli at the edge of conscious awareness (Study 2). Women were moreExpand
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What patients like about their medical care and how often they are asked: a meta-analysis of the satisfaction literature.
A meta-analysis of studies on consumer satisfaction with medical care yielded 221 studies that reported relations between satisfaction and other variables, of which 107 reported satisfaction levelsExpand
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Gender in medical encounters: an analysis of physician and patient communication in a primary care setting.
The relation of physician and patient gender to verbal and nonverbal communication was examined in 100 routine medical visits. Female physicians conducted longer visits, made more positiveExpand
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Physician gender effects in medical communication: a meta-analytic review.
CONTEXT Physician gender has been viewed as a possible source of variation in the interpersonal aspects of medical practice, with speculation that female physicians facilitate more open and equalExpand
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