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The Untouchables: Subordination, Poverty and the State in Modern India
Glossary 1. Who are the Untouchables? 2. The question of the 'Harijan atrocity' 3. Religion, politics and the Untouchables from the nineteenth century to 1956 4. Public policy I: adverseExpand
Old-Age Security in Comparative Perspective.
This book examines a central element of social welfare, old age security, exploring the history of policies in both developed and underdeveloped countries to assess their structure, ideology andExpand
The Eastern Origins of Western Civilization
Althusser, L. 1990. Philosophy and the spontaneous philosophy of the scientists and other essays, ed. G. Elliott. London: Verso. Anderson, P. 2001. Scurrying towards Bethlehem. New Left Review 2Expand
Measuring cultural diversity: ethnic, linguistic and religious fractionalization in the OECD
Abstract Many claim that national economic success depends upon cultural homogeneity. We collect new time-series data and develop new measures of ethnic, linguistic and religious fractionalizationExpand
The Social Philosophy of Ernest Gellner
John A. HALL and Ian JARVIE: Preface. John A. HALL and Ian JARVIE: The Life and Times of Ernest Gellner. PART 1 INTELLECTUAL BACKGROUND. Ji_i MUSIL: The Prague Roots of Ernest Gellner's Thinking.Expand
Sex Offenders and Child Sex Tourism: The Case for Passport Revocation
  • J. Hall
  • Political Science
  • 19 September 2011
This paper addresses the problem that, under current law, convicted American sex offenders can obtain passports and travel overseas to abuse children sexually. American citizens participate activelyExpand
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Max Weber's Problemattk still retains its power: why did only Christian Europe amongst the world civilisations autonomously create an economic dynamism, broadly capitalist in character? This essayExpand
Civil society : theory, history, comparison
1. In Search of Civil Society: John A Hall. 2. The Importance of Being Modular: Ernest Gellner. 3. Civil Society in Communist China? Private Business and Political Alliance, 1989: David Wank. 4. TheExpand
National Identity and the Varieties of Capitalism: The Danish Experience
Contributors include Peter Abrahamson (University of Copenhagen), Peter A. Hall (Harvard), Ulf Hedetoft (University of Aalborg), Lars Bo Kaspersen (Copenhagen Business School), Peter J. KatzensteinExpand
Conditions for National Homogenizers
This chapter is an exercise in insubordination. Rather than discussing nationalism in the twenty-first century, I concentrate on the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentiethExpand