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Measures of brain morphology and infarction in the framingham heart study: establishing what is normal
These cross-sectional quantitative estimates suggest that age-related tissue loss differs quantitatively and qualitatively across brain regions with only minor differences between men and women. Expand
Aneurysms of the vein of Galen: embryonic considerations and anatomical features relating to the pathogenesis of the malformation
Anatomic analysis of 23 cases of vein of Galen aneurysm and correlation with known embryologic data indicate that the venous sac most probably represents persistance of the embryonic median prosencephalic vein of Markowski, not the vein ofGalen, per se. Expand
Microstructure and long-term creep properties of 9–12% Cr steels
Abstract Advanced microstructure characterisation and microstructure modelling has demonstrated that long-term microstructure stability in 9–12% Cr steels under technical loading conditions isExpand
Cerebral Microbleeds: Prevalence and Associations With Cardiovascular Risk Factors in the Framingham Study
There is a low prevalence of CMBs in the community and a strong relationship with increasing age and male sex, but there are no independent relationships with cardiovascular risk factors, APOE status, brain volumes, or WMH. Expand
Preoperative octreotide treatment in newly diagnosed acromegalic patients with macroadenomas increases cure short-term postoperative rates: a prospective, randomized trial.
Six-month preoperative octreotide treatment might improve surgical cure rate in newly diagnosed acromegalic patients with macroadenomas and have to be confirmed in future studies. Expand
Precipitate Stability in Creep Resistant Ferritic Steels-Experimental Investigations and Modelling
Predictions of long-term microstructure stability of creep resistant ferritic 9-12 % Cr steels up to 200 000-300 000 h at temperatures up to 600-650°C are highly interesting for safe power plantExpand
Craniopharyngioma: radiologic and histologic findings and recurrence.
No differentiating radiologic or histologic characteristics could be established for craniopharyngiomas in children versus adults, and a continuum of mixed morphology rather than distinct subtypes of tumors was found. Expand
A thermodynamic model of the Z-phase Cr(V, Nb)N
Abstract Precipitation of large Z-phase particles, Cr(V, Nb)N, replacing fine MX carbonitrides, Nb(C, N) or V(N, C), has recently been identified as a major cause for premature breakdown in long-termExpand
Z-phase in 9-12% Cr Steels
Low levels of raf kinase inhibitory protein in growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas correlate with poor response to octreotide treatment.
The RkIP level in somatotroph adenomas seems to be important for the clinical effect of SMS treatment, in which low levels of RKIP correlate to poor clinical response to SMSs. Expand