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The microfluidics of the eccrine sweat gland, including biomarker partitioning, transport, and biosensing implications.
Non-invasive and accurate access of biomarkers remains a holy grail of the biomedical community. Human eccrine sweat is a surprisingly biomarker-rich fluid which is gaining increasing attention. ThisExpand
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Point-of-care colorimetric detection with a smartphone.
Paper-based immunoassays are becoming powerful and low-cost diagnostic tools, especially in resource-limited settings. Inexpensive methods for quantifying these assays have been shown using desktopExpand
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Tunable stringency aptamer selection and gold nanoparticle assay for detection of cortisol
The first-known aptamer for the stress biomarker cortisol was selected using a tunable stringency magnetic bead selection strategy. The capture DNA probe immobilized on the beads was systematicallyExpand
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Optimization of a paper-based ELISA for a human performance biomarker.
Monitoring aspects of human performance during various activities has recently become a highly investigated research area. Many new commercial products are available now to monitor human physicalExpand
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Processing techniques for deoxyribonucleic acid: Biopolymer for photonics applications
Marine-based deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), purified from waste products of the Japanese fishing industry, has recently become a material of interest in photonics applications. Using highly purifiedExpand
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Aptamer-functionalized nanoparticles for surface immobilization-free electrochemical detection of cortisol in a microfluidic device.
Monitoring the periodic diurnal variations in cortisol from small volume samples of serum or saliva is of great interest, due to the regulatory role of cortisol within various physiological functionsExpand
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Detection of orexin A neuropeptide in biological fluids using a zinc oxide field effect transistor.
Biomarkers which are indicative of acute physiological and emotional states are studied in a number of different areas in cognitive neuroscience. Currently, many cognitive studies are conducted basedExpand
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Biofunctionalized Zinc Oxide Field Effect Transistors for Selective Sensing of Riboflavin with Current Modulation
Zinc oxide field effect transistors (ZnO-FET), covalently functionalized with single stranded DNA aptamers, provide a highly selective platform for label-free small molecule sensing. Expand
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Theorizing Scale in Critical Place-Name Studies
Building on broader developments in critical social theory, geographers have made significant strides in explicating the assumptions, motivations, and values involved in place naming. This has led toExpand
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Colorimetric detection with aptamer-gold nanoparticle conjugates coupled to an android-based color analysis application for use in the field.
The feasibility of using aptamer-gold nanoparticle conjugates (Apt-AuNPs) to design colorimetric assays for in the field detection of small molecules was investigated. An assay to detect cocaine wasExpand
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